From the August, 2012 PA Wing Safety Newsletter  

New Safety Email Address
  For all safety related business, use

Forms 26, 78 and 79 are gone.

To File a Mishap (the new name for the old 78 form) go to e-services, click on Safety Management System (SMS) either on the left side or on the right side, if authorized. Click on "File a new Mishap (1)", and submit just the important facts of the mishap. No names, titles, or identifying information. Part 2 is completed after more facts come to light. In Part 2, names are added in the proper areas.

Form 26 is now called "File a Hazard Report".

Form 79 is no longer a form and only members designated by either the Wing Commander or the Wing Director of Safety will be authorized to investigate the incident.

To learn more about this, click on “On-line Safety Education" and courses are listed concerning the SMS program. Just click on the first course, take the course and when you pass it you also get you monthly safety credit.

Barry Metz, Lt Col, CAP
Director of Safety
CAP Pennsylvania Wing

DeEtte Riley, Lt Col, CAP
Assistant Director of Safety
Ground Activity
CAP Pennsylvania Wing

Bruce Russell, Maj, CAP
Assistant Director of Safety
Air Operations
CAP Pennsylvania Wing

Group 3 Reports ...  
Safety Calendar of Events - Due: Jan 15
Safety Policy Letter - Due: Jan 15
Annual Safety Survey (online only) - Due: Jan 31
Safety Report (WMU, online only) - Due: Monthly at month end

Group 3 ...  
Safety Webinar
Safety COVs: 11 November 2008
Heat Prostration Guide 
Winter Flying 
Winter Operations 

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